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Spinosaurid Areas

The areas you would most likely find Spinosaurids would be the African Sahara. Also millions of years ago South America, Africa, India, and Madagascar, with near by Australia were one continent called Gondwanaland. Only separated by water, Spinosaurids would travel around the continent and form differently through natural selection. Different Spinosaurids evolved into smaller and larger sizes depending on what the dinosaur ate, their ecosystem was like, or whether or not the had a dearth of food. Irritator is a smaller Spinosaurid that ate smaller fish and lived in well-watered forests. Spinosaurus on the other hand had an larger ecosystem where there were huge fish, making it grow up to the size that it became.

Spinosaurids are a uncommonly known dinosaur group, but they have managed to have the record holder’s largest carnivorous dinosaur, Spinosaurus. Many people believe it is the heavier skulled Charcharodontosaurus or Gigantosaurus, but when it comes to the ratio of the dinosaurs sail to the rest of its body, it wins over the competition. At about seven feet taller and ten feet longer than the legendary Tyrannosaurus, this dinosaur is proven the Robert Wadlow of the Theropod life. More Spinosaurids are found in different places than Africa and South America like Europe, Asia, and even Australia! Paleontologist hope that soon they would find fossil remains of Spinosaurids in North America, for then it would take great interest in many Universities and Museums. Spinosaurids may be very interesting, but it’s rare to find Spinosaurids, just based on Paleontologists luck. The largest remains ever found of any Spinosaurid was probably the remains found in Europe of Baryonyx in a deathly looking position when excavated. The second would be the Spinosaurus fossils recovered by Ernst Stromer. But in 1944 the museum holding the Spinosaurus fossils in Munich, Germany, had a traumatic fait. While on display, allied bombers accidentally blew it up while originally aiming at another target, the Nazi party headquarters. I turns out that the Nazi party headquarters was right across the street from the museum. Ever since people haven’t excavated many Spinosaurid fossils.

Tell me what you think about Spinosaurids. What impact do you think they made on the planet?
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Spinosauruses two deaths

Spinosaurus died out long ago in the early cretaceous period. After paleontologists uncovered Spinosaurus and framed its fossils in a museum, an war broke out. World War 2 was all over Germany, where they kept the fossils. An american ally plane went over the museum, right next to an nazi structure and demolished the whole Nazi building, plus the museum. Paleontologists never found other great Spinosaurus fossil expeditions ever since.


World War II
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